You can inspire our students to make informed decisions about their future by hosting an insight session in your workplace. Your support will help to kick-start their careers, targeting those who need it the most. Insight sessions provide an insider’s view into your organisation, the work that you do and the industry you work in. Insight sessions give future graduates the chance to network with your Graduates and staff and the opportunity to ask questions and find out what life and a career at your organisation is really like.

Why offer an insight session?

Help the next generation to shape their career plans

Identify future talent and promote your organisation and your opportunities

Build a relationship with the University of Westminster and our students

What can the student do?

We can advise on how to design the insight experience to make the most of the opportunity. This could include meetings and networking sessions, tours of your organisation, simulation exercises or presentations and Q&A panels.

Who can offer insight days?

We are seeking offers from host organisations in all employment sectors.

How long should the insight session last?

To make it meaningful for students, we recommend a minimum time commitment of half a day.

When will it take place?

The exact period will be discussed and confirmed between the organisation and the relevant work placement team. The insight session will involve a small number of students.

How to apply?

Please complete this form.

How much does it cost?

Insight sessions have no cost for the host organisation, but it is at the discretion of the organisation to offer lunch and/ or travel expenses. You will need, however, to have relevant insurance and provide a health and safety induction.