Observing a professional in the workplace can help students to understand and gain insight into a job role and organisation. Work shadowing aims to offer a rich experience while not demanding a great deal of time from the host. The shadowing day (or days) aims to provide an insight into the work environment rather than to hands-on experience. By spending time in a workplace our students experience the realities of a professional environment within a certain industry and will have the opportunity to question and learn from professionals to help inform their career plans.

Why work shadow?

Help the next generation to shape their career plans

Develop employees by giving them responsibility of being shadowed

Network with potential future talent

Build a relationship with the University of Westminster and our students

What can the student do?

This is a shadowing position only and so the student will be expected to observe the activities of the workplace. This could include sitting in on team or client meetings or spending time with individuals from the company.

Who can work shadow?

We are seeking offers from host organisations in all employment sectors.

How long should the activity last?

Work shadowing shouldn’t take more than a day or two and is to be agreed between the student and the host organisation.

When will work shadowing take place?

The period of the activity will need to be agreed between the host organisation and the attending student. During academic term time the experience should be organised around the student’s academic workload.

How to apply?

Please complete this form.

How much does it cost?

Work shadowing has no cost for the host organisation, but it is at the discretion of the organisation to offer lunch and/ or travel expenses. You will need, however, to have relevant insurance and provide a health and safety induction.

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Please note that currently we won’t be able to take phone calls or organise on-campus activities.