4 November, 11:00 - 15:00 GMT

Building on the success of the premier 2019 event, we will draw on our experience to deliver a successful, innovative and virtual consortium Inclusive Futures Virtual Career Fair.

Attendance is free of charge.

To register interest and for further information, please complete this registration form.

Our universities are racially and culturally diverse, particularly when compared to many other institutions in London and across the country.

We celebrate your organisation’s sincere commitment to building a diverse workforce and welcome your participation in this diversity themed university consortium career event.

  • Simultaneously partner with six diverse widening participation universities
  • Participate in this diversity and social justice themed consortium career event
  • Diversity matters. Support diverse under-represented groups to act as agents of change in society
  • Enjoy this opportunity to interact with diverse students without the limitations of budget and location

Our universities are modern, progressive & diverse, collectively representing up-to 100,000 students from a variety of backgrounds. Attend this event and partner with some of the most diverse* universities in the UK.

  • 54% of our students are from underrepresented minority ethnic groups
  • 19% are Black students
  • 35% are Mature Learners
  • 10% have a Registered Disability

To attend our events or use any of our employer services you must meet our Terms of Service (pdf).

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Recruiter Engagement team at employerliaison@westminster.ac.uk

Please share this event with your network and we hope to see you there!