The Careers and Employability Service (CES) works at the forefront of promoting placements and internship opportunities for students at the University of Westminster.

The CES works/partners with a range of organisations, including large corporates, SME’s, charities and schools. We also collaborate closely with academics across the three Colleges with many placements being embedded in our curriculum. We believe that our students and graduates can add value to your organisation and benefit from gaining commercial awareness and experience of real-life working practices in specific industries.

Benefits for your organisation: 

  • Extra resource to help develop your organisation.
  • Fresh ideas and a new perspective on existing business challenges.
  • Additional skills and knowledge that you may not have within your organisation.
  • A development opportunity for existing team members to line manage.
  • The flexibility to offer an internship on your premises or on a remote basis. 
  • Specialist skills and knowledge to help develop products and services.
  • An opportunity to ‘trial’ future employees to see if they’ll fit in.
  • The chance for you to help an individual launch their career.

Benefits for our students:

  • The development of transferable skills.
  • Gain valuable work experience that enhances their future employability.
  • An opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations in the workplace.
  • Experience an industry and its culture and make a positive career choice.
  • An opportunity to network and develop contacts.

Please note to use any of our services you must meet our Terms of Service (pdf).

You can find more about our placements programmes here: 

If you are an employer looking to create jobs placements for young people, apply for funding as part of the Government's Kickstart Scheme.

Who can apply

You can use the Kickstart Scheme to create new 6-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment.

You must make sure the roles are eligible for the scheme.

Apply for a grant through the Kickstart Scheme

If you do not meet the criteria to start the scheme yourself, you can also find a Kickstart gateway to apply for a Kickstart Scheme grant on your behalf.